Creating a bucket In the new Sweden region

Creating a bucket in the new Sweden region

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AWS has just opened the AWS Sweden Region. It is based in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and has the name ‘eu-north-1’.

Five regions

AWS now provides five regions in europe. Each region provides three availability zones which means you now have fifteen availability zones to create highly resilient applications in Europe.

Region name API name Number of AZs
Stockholm eu-north-1 3
Frankfurt eu-central-1 3
Ireland eu-west-1 3
London eu-west-2 3
Paris eu-west-3 3

Deploying a bucket in Stockholm

To deploy a bucket in Stockholm, just change the region to ‘eu-north-1’ and execute the CloudFormation template like in the example project that we have prepared.


It is very exciting to have a fifth AWS region that provides services to create highly scalable, highly resilient solutions for our clients.

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