Cloud Evangelist and Scala/Akka Expert Join Binx.io

This month, Binx.io welcomes two new colleagues: Scala/Akka expert Dennis Vriend and cloud evangelist Dennis Vink.

Meet Scala/Akka expert Dennis Vriend

With a background in electronics and software engineering, Dennis Vriend spent the last seven years working at Trivento, where he was lucky enough to become an early adopter of Scala and the Akka toolkit. There he also created several plugins for Akka (Akka-persistence-JDBC and Akka-persistence-inmemory) and an sbt plugin for “putting Scala-in-the-cloud,” called sbt-sam. The latter is a really simple plugin that makes it easy to package and deploy Scala-based applications to AWS Lambdas.

Kick-ass dream team

Vriend met the Binx.io team at an AWS Meetup about Lambdas and immediately wanted to join them. “Heck yeah. This is a kick-ass, dream team that powers—in my opinion—the best cloud consultancy bureau in the Netherlands,“he said.

Driven by digitalization and agile transformation, a hunger for insights and the need to become data-driven, IT systems will become both data and analytically intensive. According to Binx.io, in the next few years the public cloud will become the focus for a lot of companies. “It’s my goal to contribute to this new wave,” added Vriend. “I believe Binx.io is the company that will allow me to do that most effectively, because it provides the best platform for work, study and, of course, play.”

Meet cloud evangelist Dennis Vink

Dennis Vink refers to himself as a “cloud evangelist.” He joins us from Sentia, where he worked in the role of senior cloud systems engineer. He has a solid background in cloud systems engineering and architecting (AWS in particular), development, and system administration. In addition, this certified Scrum master has a keen interest in extreme programming and agile processes.

Vink has developed in many high- and low-level languages. Nowadays Ruby is his preferred scripting language. On his LinkedIn you can find more on his experience and the languages he is proficient in. His area of expertise on AWS includes CloudFormation, abstraction layers, designing for high availability, disaster recovery, and automation (think “packer”, “chef”, and “OTAP”).

Knowledge sharing

“I joined Binx because I believe one should be surrounded by peers that are able to challenge you intellectually,” explained Vink. “I constantly crave new knowledge and understanding. Binx and the Xebia family as a whole satisfy that hunger- not only because of the sheer size of the company, but also because knowledge sharing is in the company’s DNA.”