Training Modules

AWS Champion

AWS professionals find the most awesome projects to work on, and can show their skills by delivering the best results in just a fraction of the time.

In this training, you will grow from intermediate to AWS professional, or like we call it: AWS Champion. AWS Champions are well prepared for the core AWS exams, which again confirms the Champion is a true AWS professional.

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Training Modules

At binx.io we do not believe in classic, classroom training for IT professional. We know that most IT professionals learn on the job and it is hard for them to spend 5 days in a class room.

That is why we invented the concept of High Intensity Training modules. Each module takes between 2-4 hours and consists of a short but complete introduction into the subject, followed by a series of hands-on training exercises using Instruqt. The exercises simulate real-life scenarios and will teach best practices while doing it.

We can mix-and-match modules to deliver a training program specifically suited for your specific situation. The modules can be planned separately in-house. After each module, the students will be able to apply the knowledge and experience obtained directly in practice.